Sunday, October 4, 2009


3 days, and deeply in love.
This is Nickenson. He came here on Thursday, and is HIV positive. Lori told me about him, because I had asked her about HIV kids and she said they rarely took them and that pretty much every one had died within 6 hours of coming. Nickenson's mom died and his dad has been caring for him... the best he could. He's extremely malnourished and sick. He's had a fever for over 3 months now and his dad just couldn't do it anymore, he needed to go find work. On Friday I took him right after school with the boys and had him for 5 hours. He vomited anything he drank and couldn't keep down his meds. Every day I've taken him and he's still carrying a high fever. He's continued to lose weight, and has no meat on his bones. He needs prayer. Today, I got a smile from him and it melted my heart.... The day he got here I asked Lori if she thought he'd make it and she said that she didn't think he would- she has seen too many kids like him. I still hold hope, I havn't had the experience she has with these kids and I am convinced that God can perform a miracle and save him if it's in His plan. I just couldn't believe I got the smile- one of the haitian staff walked in the room when he was smiling and said "he knows how to smile?" :)
I don't know if he's ever smiled before but it literally made my week- I've been so worried for him and still am, but I couldn't help think back to Tex-snaider, a kid that I had at GLA for almost two months. He passed away without smiling once for me, and it broke my heart. It still does- he was over two years old and I worked with him every day, and his life had been so rough that I couldn't break his depression.

The way Nickenson looks at me is indescribable- so pure. It's like he's never looked into someone else's eyes before. He just stares... None of us know if Nickelson will make it, but please pray for him, his body- that he breaks through the fever and begins to gain weight. That he continues to smile and fight for his life. I thank God for getting to love on this kiddo, he's my current "project" and the first thought in my head when I wake up- I love that feeling... it was the same with Berlancia :)
hope everyone has a blessed week!


  1. Anna-

    I will be praying, praying, praying!!!!!!!! Lord, please spare Nickenson!!!

  2. You are making a difference for him and showing him love and compassion. You are such a sweet heart! I will pray for you and him.

  3. I hope he smiles for you every day. I love reading your updates and seeing this unusually large and genuine heart that God has given you. It truly is a blessing and an encouragement. Your post about Carmelo and all is excitement he had about coming to the US for the first time made me really stop and look at things differently. I mean it's stuff I take for granted, you know? Anyways...just thank you for the perspective, and I am truly praying for you.

    Love and miss you.

  4. I will spread the word for prayer for Mr. smiley pants. Jeremiah 29:11 came to mind and that makes me hopeful

  5. I am passing this on and asking people to pray!
    Thank you so much for your heart for God and others... it is so beautiful! :)


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