Sunday, November 8, 2009

ABC Thankfuls

I wasn't feeling 100% today so I didn't go to church, figured I better rest up before the school week starts up again. I'm holding a sick little baby right now... man I wish everyone in the world could do this and know how it feels. So if you are waiting for an invitation here it is... come to Haiti! Find a mission that looks right for you, fund raise and come! And if you think Haiti is not for you, go to Africa, or Ethiopia, or Mexico... I highly recommend third-world countries for a life-changing experience :) Anyways...
A good friend of mine (understatement of the year) had been putting up her ABC thankfuls on facebook, and I thought it was a cute idea, so I am stealing the idea :) Love you Cynthia!
Today I thank God for:
Amazing Apple Pie that nana promised me over Christmas.
Berlancia's life.
Cynthia Sanchez's friendship.
Dry humor.
Eager students.
Friends and Family back home who are supportive and real.
od's Grace.
Internet access.
Jesus' blood.
Kisses from the most beautiful Kids ever.
Mango season. MMM
Pineapple Pinata Parties (which I'll post about later).
Quiet time with God.
Real Diapers on special occasions.
Saturdays, Sundays, Sleep.
Today- for a relaxing day and getting to know new kids.
Undeserved good grades.
Vegetables :)
Water that's clean.
Xylophones? haha, j/k lets just go with family at X-mas.
Yesterday's mistakes, and the lessons they brought.
Zach's new truck that gets us to church on Sundays.

Well, there you go. Hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday, feel free to leave your ABC thankfuls as a comment :)

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