Thursday, December 17, 2009


In 5 hours I'll be on my way to Sacramento for Christmas. Mixed feelings- I'm super excited to see family and friends, and this time is way easier to leave because I know I'll be back soon. I have a ticket and all :) I can't wait to see my sister and parents and everyone at home but it's always hard for me to leave Haiti. And Nickenson isn't helping either... Today his body decided to reject anything we put into it. He vomited all day and had a high fever. Ok, nothing I havn't dealt with before- except he looks awful. Like a different kid. His eyes are sunken in and his personality disappeared. No smiles today... So Lori stuck him on an IV in the afternoon. (Lori- you are awesome!) Before we put the IV in I weighed him- 10.8lbs. Hes 15 months old. That is down from his top weight of 12.2lbs...
So far tonight he's been sleeping downstairs in the Rescue Center on and off since. I've been working on giving him meds, I started 4 hours ago. Sloooow but sure they are getting in him without vomit (knock on wood, and thank God for feeding tubes). It will NOT be easy leaving him in 4 hours. Mostly because I enjoy taking care of him. I've been having him 24/7 for a while now. Giving him his shots, meds through a feeding tube etc. He's become a big part of my life here... so of course it doesn't feel right just leaving for 2 weeks. Licia hired a woman named Ti priyay (total butcher of spelling Im sure... literal translation "little prayer,") to take care of him while I'm gone. I can't even tell you how much relief this will bring me when I'm away. (Licia you rock!) It's not that they don't have amazing staff here, because they do; it's that Nickenson is the most special kid I have met and his needs are borderline too much for me to handle sometimes... literally. I won't go into that though... lets just leave it at he is needy. Ti priyay will do awesome with him and has been coming for the past week and helping me with him and learning "his ways" :)
He was doing SO well for a while there... As for my leaving tomorrow- I'm just finding peace that God's ways are much greater than mine and whatever He has planned for Nickenson is perfect. Here's some pics from the past month with him :) Man, he's a ham.
Smiles in the bumbo.
Discovering his hands :)
Please keep Nickenson in your prayers as I know he can pull through if it's God's will.


  1. praying praying praying.

    can't wait to see you in a few days!!!

  2. Praying for your baby to do great while you are gone!!! I can't wait to talk with you on the phone when you get back to the good old US of A... :-) Next meeting will be in Haiti again, and SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY...I AM GETTING OUT TO RHFH!!! :-)

  3. no fever or vomiting today

  4. Anna, I'll be praying for you and for Nickerson. Poor, sweet baby!

  5. Hi Anna, it's me Gina from the Artists For Hope group. I miss you guys! Yes, I will pray for him, and YOU! Have a great Christmas with family and friends, and please give Nickenson a hug for me too when you get back.

  6. Anna -

    Happy New Year from Minnesota. I stayed with you in November, the first week you started taking care of Nickenson 24/7.

    Thanks for the updates on Nickenson. He does look like a big boy in the bumbo. He is so darn cute. I'm sorry to hear that he was not looking good when you left. Praying for him and for you. I'm glad you know God's plans are perfect.

    May you and your family be blessed in 2010 as you continue to bless the people of Haiti. You are still the most awesome 20-year old woman I've met. Your parents can be very proud.

    Debbie Woodward
    Plymouth, Minnesota


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