Wednesday, January 20, 2010

heading to miami

well the boys left with casey for seattle and they were well rested and excited that this will be their last day of waiting in lines and sitting on planes. 6.1 earthquake hit haiti this morning... not sure of the damage but know that there were many unstable buildings in port that had no chance of surviving another aftershock, so I expect more damage and injuries.... i know for a fact people were awakened and scared by it as it shook their beds and homes- the ones who have beds and homes left- and the streets must have been filled withe fear and prayers. im about to head to miami to meet up with some people from the orphanage i volunteered at the first time i came to haiti to help with some stuff and possibly get on a plane to haiti with them :) if that doesnt work out i might come back for a different flight. right now i just know i cant sit here and do nothing without going insane, so im going to miami. soo many people are helping me out and i couldnt feel more blessed through this all. thank you so much and as always, ill do my best to keep you posted.

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  1. Is there anyway we can send you items for the next time you fly back into haiti? Unless you are leaving really soon? that way we can be sure that all the materials gets to the rescue mission center? our church is heartbroken by what is going on and we are praying for endurance for everyone. we didn't even foresee all this happening when we came in july. my heart goes out. but there is always hope in the hands of God. God has a plan.


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