Monday, January 4, 2010

i can't wait...

-to be in warm weather again
-to go back to where my heart is
-to love on some kids I've missed for what feels like months
-to teach again
-to go on daily walks after school
-to give kids goodnight kisses before I go to bed every night
-to eat rice and beans
-to go home...
13 hours :)
just one thing will be missing
Nickenson died on Christmas, he and 4 other kids died on Christmas eve and Christmas day... I miss him but feel blessed and honored to have been a part of his short life. He deserved more than what I could offer. Lori and Licia did everything they could do and I am SO grateful for their work in Haiti; and LOVE being even just a little part of it.


  1. Anna, I'm so sorry about Nickenson! I have been praying for him and waiting for great news when he could go home all healthy. You had done such a great job loving him and caring for him in his time with you. Thank you so much for looking after him. -Sherry (Hands That Heal)

  2. Anna,
    Thank you for following your heart and God's lead to Haiti. Thank you for caring for Nickenson 24/7. The time you spent holding hi,, feeding him, taking care of his needs and just loving him were nurturing to him both physically and spiritually. He is healed! This makes me think of Berlancia and all you gave to her. I am thinking of you and praying for your safe return!

  3. I'm so sorry about Nickenson!!! Remember though that the last of his days were filled with comfort and love. And you took such good care of him to make it that way!

  4. Anna -

    Nickenson had a slice of heaven on earth as you loved and cared for him in such a Christ-like way.

    I didn't know yet that Nickenson had died when I sent you the Happy New Year note. There are many more children to be blessed.

    Have a safe trip back to Haiti.

    Debbie Woodward
    Plymouth, Minnesota

  5. Oh Anna that makes my heart hurt for you and for his lost life. I'm so sorry and I pray that you can find another baby to love and make life amazing for :) You're wonderful, Anna.

  6. Hi, Anna, I echo everything that others who are hurting for you have already said. I'm happy to think of Berlancia welcoming Nickenson as he arrived in heaven. I imagine they will have alot to share with one another about the beautiful American who loved them so well.

  7. Do you need an RN with 15 years ICU experience. Would like to relocate and serve the people of Haiti. Kim clift RN 3792 se Price road, El dorado, Kansas 67042 USA

  8. I'm sorry I did not post my email God Bless


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