Sunday, January 10, 2010

Medika Mamba Program

A part of my nightly routine has become measuring out Medika Mamba for the kids who are malnourished. Medika Mamba is made in Haiti and is a peanut butter packed with everything a child needs to gain weight. The kids on the program change SO fast- it is truly amazing to witness. It is measured out according to their weight and in the Rescue Center they are fed their bowl 6 times a day or until they are finished. If a child were to only eat their bowl of peanut butter and nothing else they would still gain weight- cool, huh?
So the chart for amounts is in kgs and tablespoons... before I left for Christmas we had 32 kids on the program. It took a long time to knead the peanut butter (it usually comes very hard with the oil separated from the peanuts) and then measure out each child's peanut butter in tablespoons as they get anywhere from 4-22 tbsp of it each day. A group had come and was helping me to do this every night and one member from the group made my job 100 times easier by sending me these measuring cups:
Medika Mamba- you have met your match! They are amazing... Thank you Karen!!!
While I was home I also got new bowls. The old ones were often cracking and tape didn't stick to them. The tape sticks to much better and also has saved me so much time at night! Anyone who got me a target card- Thank you so much! Don, nana, aunt barbara, peter and xandi- thanks :)
old bowls:
new bowls:


  1. So glad!!! You are so great Anna, you said you would have an answer when you came home and you did!!!

    -Laura Ingram

  2. wow I have heard great things about that program! great work Anna!

  3. Yah, Anna, I'm so glad they work! When I saw that they had tablespoons on them, I was so excited. You work so hard, I'm hope they make your job easier. :)
    You are such a blessing!

  4. you are an ispiration truley Anna!

    love ya!
    barbara, river, & bridger (who all want to come there)

  5. How great that those measuring things work so good. And tape that actually sticks? Wow. :) I was picturing you in Target examining all the options. Glad that these things will make all your hard work a little bit easier. Love the beach pictures too!

  6. Anna, We're friends of Barbara. Have know her since long ago in Alaska. Our prayers are with you tonight as we hear news about the earthquake.

  7. Reading about the earthquake. So worried for you and the babies. Praying for you, your ministry, and the nation of Haiti. God bless and keep you all.
    Audrey Bracchi

  8. Anna ~
    We are so thankful you are O.K...our hearts go our to your "kids","families" and all of the people of Haiti. We are praying for everyone to have as caring and giving heart as the people you work with everyday.
    Love to you babe!
    Uncle Troy, Aunt Lezlie & family


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