Monday, February 1, 2010

Darlens update.

I've been taking him since he came during the day and trying to feed him and get him hydrated. He ate all his peanut butter 2 days in a row... but sometimes thats not enough. We put him on an IV tonight. Please pray that it will provide the boost he needs to get better and start having an appetite.
We also got 2 kids from the comfort ship today who are completely scared to death from all the trauma they've experienced since the earthquake, a boy and a girl. We are working on uniting them with family if possible... we contacted the boys uncle who is picking him up tomorrow. He was so happy when he heard the news... still not sure if the little girl has family alive or not... pics here:

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  1. Anna -

    I saw that little Darlens and I immediately thought of you. I would love to be there and rock him. I am sure you are giving him the special touch that you have and I pray that he can get better and get his appetite.

    You are such a blessing to the children and to Licia, Lori and Zach.

    Peace to you.

    Debbie Woodward


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