Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Darlens has hung out with me quite a bit. Besides a constant fever hes doing great and has a small, but sufficient appetite. He gained 1 pound since he got here... well at one point he was up to 13 1/2 pounds but some diarrhea has taken over our lives in the last couple days, so we are down to 12 1/2. So some people don't think Darlens is the cutest kid in the world. They obviously don't see him through the same eyes that I do :)
Yep, he's a ham...
and a punk. He thinks its oh so funny to bite the bottle and refuse to let go...
but eventually he lets go and smiles a little ornery smile...
I'd say he's going to make it. Raise your hand if you're planning on gaining even more weight!


  1. I AM SO HAPPY FOR THE UPDATE!!! I have been waiting to hear about that cutie pie...he looks so happy in these pictures compared to the earlier ones. Thank you so much for the update on him. I first saw him on Caroline's blog I think and I have just been praying and praying. Praise God and I will keep praying!

  2. Yes, Thank You for the update! LOVE him! I hold my breath every time I check your blog praying that there is not an "Uh Oh" post about that adorable little man. Love what you are doing! Keep it up!

  3. He is adorable...I can see how you can't help but love him.

    Dawn Scott

  4. Wow he looks so much better. The life is back in his eyes. I think of him often it's so nice to see an update.

  5. I think he's darling! Thanks for loving on him Anna...


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