Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today a baby died. And it was normal. Life here went on as always and once again we went back to the chaos of clinic and the military being here and the patients and the rescue center kids etc etc.
But that death should have shaken someones world. It should have made someone cry, or mourn. It should have made someone want to change their perspective and take on life and live more for God and for others than for them self... instead, it became one more dossier to add to the stack of kids that couldn't be saved and life went on...
Sometimes i wonder how many kids are out there in the world dying, with no one who cares or knows, and what will it take to get the world's attention? How many kids have to die for stupid reasons before enough people get involved so that third world countries get the education and help they need. It's not their fault they were born in a country where school was too expensive, where one meal a day was normal and that no one taught them what a balanced diet means. The earthquake brought supplies into Haiti immediately, but Genise didn't die from the earthquake, and the aid obviously didn't reach her family. The underlying problems in Haiti will not be fixed by short-term aid brought in because of an earthquake. Genise died from severe malnourishment. Genise deserved to be loved, and to smile, and to have a chance at life... but then again I guess things on this earth just aren't fair and what should be is often a pipe-dream. She's smiling now and loved more than anyone on this earth could have loved her.
If I posted about every kid that died... well I'd be a much more frequent blogger. But I feel like by being here, once and a while, I have to share the stories of the kids who didn't make it. One of those angels, after all, is a little girl who changed my life and made me who I am today. Maybe, just maybe, one of the kids I blog about will change someone else's life too.


  1. I"m so sorry, Anna! You are right on every level. And I am grateful that there are people like you in the world caring every single day for those who are suffering.
    Blessings, friend.

  2. Oh, Anna - I'm so sorry. Our family has been praying for the children and for all of you at the center.

    We want to show love to these children, too. As much as we can from hundreds of miles away, anyhow. We so appreciate that you have shared your needs and given us a way to serve a little. I sent an email afew days ago regarding the container shipment and your request for dresses/diapers. I have willing women here, ready to sew & ship, but I need a little more info. Please let us know general waist/thigh measurements for the diapers. Our seamstress is very talented and can customize for you, especially for the little ones. She would really like to know how best to sew these for you - it would be shame for her to spend time/money and send diapers that literally fall off your babies. My daughter & I are going to be doing the pillowcase dresses, too - could you pls give an idea as to the range of sizes you need?

    Maybe a general posting on the "current needs" page would be most helpful???

    Thank you, and may the Lord comfort and strengthen your heart.

    Jacci in Ohio

  3. is there a direct place we can send money to? what will be done with it...will someone in the states buy things you need and ship it to you? This is heavy on my heart, Please Let me know

  4. Add my tears to yours which are now flowing in grief for Genise. If there is any consolation at all, perhaps it is that your immortalizing her in this post will spur actions which save another baby from the same. But today, tears for Genise. Thank you, Anna, for being Jesus' hands and heart.

  5. Anna, God bless you dear. It is so hard to see suffering and to feel our powerlessness in the face of it. Being faithful to keep my hands on the plow that God has given to me is one little thing I can do. So last night I cut out three small dresses in shades of blue... praying for the little persons that would wear them; persons unknown to me but very known by Father God. It is all His work. He has prepared you to be there in this season. May He strengthen you - all of us - as we plow our little corners.
    Hugs to you sister.


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