Thursday, March 11, 2010


I had the privilege of being this little stud's volunteer at GLA. And then I had the privilege of getting to know his whole family in Indiana when they flew me out there. The friendships I have made since I came to Haiti are some of my most cherished ones and I feel blessed to be a part of some truly amazing people's lives. Rebekah, Jonas' adoptive mom, is mother of 5, one still in China waiting to come home. Check out her fantastic blog for more pics of Jonas in his new converse :) (this post made my day). Thanks & love you Rebekah!!!!


  1. Seriously, that might be one of the cutest Haitian boys I have ever seen... Not that I am biased or anything... :-) Love you lots!!!

  2. he's a total punkin!!! :) you can see what a complete charmer he is from his mama's photos.


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