Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bedtime in the RC

Bedtime is a combination of baths after dinner and putting clean clothes on and all clean diapers and setting up beds for all the kids and putting mats on those beds and putting blankets on the mats and getting the crazy hectic kids settled down and asleep. Some are out cold the second they hit their bed, others are being dezoid (naughty) and running around testing limits. Most nights there are a couple that just aren't that tired right away and I have fun getting to lay with them, and not have all the rest bombarding me. Bedtime is one of the cutest times of the RC... little kids snoring, sprawled out and falling asleep sitting up (you know, where they almost fall over until finally someone lays their head down) :)

Some of the kids snuggle up together, leaving their bed empty... pretty darn adorable if you ask me.

Wilbert was having a hard time going to bed last night...
Deny and Geowel snuggled up and passed out :)
Stanley won the "ornery kid of the night" award last night. He would NOT lay down, problem is he knows he's cute. haha

Amonise is our littlest baby right now and she just started to smile a couple weeks ago, she is precious! She came in with kwash and is on our MM program, and gaining week by week!
Double-decker cribs:

Milienne and Berline were smiling big and literally 2 minutes after I took this they were out cold.


  1. Too cute!I miss that bed time! Love Amonise's smile in that picture. Definitely missing the cuteness.

  2. Oh, thank you for this precious post, Anna! :) I love how the Lord has given you such a tender love for them - to know that bedtime is a precious time. You have a mama's heart :)

    I've been wondering how large to make the blankets. We've already sent out our shipment for the container, but we're already planning on sewing for future needs. Could you maybe let us know what the best blanket size is?

    And I know it's so hot, so I stayed away from sweaty polyester blends and thought 100% cotton *lightweight* flannel would still be soft but breathable. Does that sound good to you for the children?

    Thanks for the wonderful pics!! I feel like I understand their blanket needs better just from the photos! And it's sweet to picture a blankie we've made under one of those sleeping sweeties! :)

    ~Jacci in Ohio


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