Thursday, April 8, 2010

Haiti to CA to IN to Haiti

I know it's been a while, there's no excuse coming- just a reason. I was tired. I took a technology break. Got sick of feeling like I was wasting time waiting for the internet to work or just being online when I have better things to spend my time on. But this morning I took a walk. One of those perfect, long, gorgeous, sunny, breezy walks where the world and nature amaze me. During that walk my mom called and I talked to her for a long time without interruptions and she suggested that I blog. So this is for you, mom.

So once Licia came back after her 3 weeks out with the boys I went home (Sacramento) for a week and had an AMAZING time. I was tired. Living outside with 60 kids and all the stuff that comes with that while preparing the house we are going to move into took it's toll on me, the week away was much needed. I spent my first three nights watching my sister perform as Gertrude in Seussical the Musical (which if you havn't seen this musical yet, you must) and she rocked it. Best actress on stage hands down. Then chilled with family and friends and relaxed and had a downright great time. Then I stopped through Indiana on the way back and got to stay with my other family, the Hubleys ( for a weekend. Had a fantastic time seeing them and their adorable kids, including Jonas- the kid I posted about a couple weeks back. God's kind of cool how he works- little did I know then, I would get to see that little guy in person again :) I was in Indiana picking up a blind man, Denel, to escort back to Haiti after having been out on a medical visa since before the earthquake.
You can read his story here:

We both had guitars and backpacks, and remember he's blind- we were quite a spectacle getting around in the airports. People stare WAY too much. Oh well... It was a smooth trip until we got to the airport and had to wait 2 and 1/2 hrs for our luggage in a hot packed room. But we got here and got all 6 of our bags the same day :) His sister, who worked at the orphanage I spent 9 months volunteering at, picked him up, teary eyed, and thanking me for bringing him back to Haiti. He was happy to see her and excited to be back but sad to leave the states. In his luggage was a (giant) tent and all the supplies he and his family would need to get situated into a tent city. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to help in situations like these and to get to meet the people I come across.

Being back has been good. Licia and I passed each other in the air, she left to go to Indiana and when she comes back she will bring her boys back. Things have been MUCH easier/smooth now that the kids are in a house and everything is running really well. I am getting sleep (yay!) and have more energy with everything here. I missed the kids when I was out and every day hanging with them has been a blessing. Darlens was pretty sick when I got back and he went on IV for 3 days and now hes back in the race. I came back with a cold and took it easy for 2 days nice and drowsy from all the cough medicine. Roberta ( and her husband, Chris, came to paint murals on the new Rescue Center. The three of us sat for 3 days straight painting, laughing, singing to our I-pods blasting, and joking.... finally on Tuesday we were done. They left this morning and will be missed :) Here's the final result of our work!

For those of you wondering what you can do, there is still progress on getting a container from MN to Haiti. Debbie Woodward is the wonderful woman making this happen, check out her blog about this process, and if you are interested in helping her or sending supplies contact her through the contact info on the side of her blog! Thanks!


  1. thanks for blogging - haha!! and thanks for the video!! Mom

  2. I am so glad you are back blogging again. It is not a waste of time waiting for the internet. You keep people inspired and moving. Rebekah told me how you got to visit. I think thats great. I know she was happy to see you again. -Sherry

  3. Love those sea horses and octopus!


  4. I've been helping Debbie a bit this month and every time I go there all she can talk about is how awesome you are. I agree.

    Our God is so good,


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