Saturday, April 17, 2010

Handing out dolls

We received 2 bags full of handmade dolls to hand out to kids, so yesterday I went back to Lori's and let each kid living there pick one out. Then I took a walk with Dalissa- a 6 year old living back at Lori's house and we handed them out to kids we came across on our walk. At one point we didn't even have to walk because so many kids were finding us! Each child got to pick their new doll- all of them had a different idea of which one was most beautiful. A couple kids were timid, and wouldn't come to me to get their doll so Dalissa picked one out for them and I sat and watched as she got to give the child their new toy. I noticed that she would always pick out a doll that matched whatever color that child was wearing if they didn't want to come to me. So cute :)

Lots of time and love put into making these dolls. Thanks to everyone who takes and effort to make things for the kids... they are much appreciated and well used!

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