Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby Sabrina: My life for the last 2 months.

This is Sabrina. She was born in Haiti with hydroanecephaly... a combination of cerebral spinal fluid in her head and a lack of brain. In her case she has a brain stem but no cerebellum. She was born on May 20th while I was in Indiana visiting the Hubleys; the adoptive family of Wendjy-love (now Jonas) who I had for 8 months in Haiti last year while I volunteered at GLA. We first had a doctor in Sacramento who was going to take her as a patient on a medical visa but as soon as he received the CT scan he politely declined her case. My family had agreed to host her after the surgery and it that moment was the first of many lows in the roller coaster ride of getting Sabrina to the US on a medical visa. Hands that Heal: and organization Rebekah Hubley (the adoptive mother of Jonas) started, bringing Haitians into the states on medical visas for surgeries. Their blog is at it has posts from the whole process of getting this beautiful child of God home.

I went to Haiti June 8th for a week to take her back to Indiannapolis for surgery and actually left Haiti a month later on July 15th and arrived just in time as she had become worse and worse gradually. The travels went well, especially after starting out for the airport at a degree of 92.7F. After holding her close through the airport and on the first plane she warmed up and although a long day we made it. Her seizures got MUCH worse on the trip home and then continued to worsten when her host mother, Stephanie took her to the ER the night before surgery was scheduled. She had surgery on Friday and was discharged from the hospital last night and is doing well. I was a mess the whole day of surgery, as I had slept 4 hours in the 2+ days since I had left Haiti and was worried because of her high likelyhood that she would have comlications during surgery. She is now vomiting 95% less and her seizures are much less frequent. PRAISE GOD!!

Her future is still unknow to all but God, and her diagnosis is easy to be discouraged by but we all know God has brought her her for a reason and whatever happens to her will be Perfect and His plan. I have stayed with Stephanie to help a little for her first few days and will stay probably through tuesday. She is a peds nurse, and could not be in better hands and I can't describe the relief knowing she will be in this home for recovery... God is good. It will be hard to leave her, I am dreading the day but the rest of the summer is filled with travel and visiting dear friends so I will manage- and hopefully updates will come often as to how she is. Thanks for all the prayers and please continue to pray for a miracle for this child of God and for brain growth.

These people made her trip to the US possible- I thank God for all of you every day...
Dixie- founder of the orphanage GLA in Haiti where Sabrina was first given a chance and gave up time and sanity to get her ready to leave Haiti.
Susan- a nurse selflessly sacrificing her time to care for the children at GLA and she was an amazing nurse to Sabrina until I took her to the states. I couldn't have done it without all your help and training :)
Rebekah- founder of Hands that Heal and put her whole heart and soul and MANY hours into getting Sabrina legally ready to come to Indiana
Stephanie- AMAZING nurse who was more than willing to love and care for Sabrina after her surgery.
Dr. Young- For taking on Sabrina and donating your time and talents to those who need it most- for Sabrina who would literally not have had a chance without you
EVERYONE back home and all around the world for praying for Sabrina.

Above is Sabrina after surgery, doing great :)

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  1. Anna! I am so excited that yo have decided to blog. Thanks for sharing your heart and your experiences over the past few weeks. You are a blessing to the children you have committed yourself to. God has such an amazing plan for you and I am happy to be able to see it unfold. Blessings!


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