Monday, July 27, 2009

Missing Sabrina from Minnesota

SOOO sorry I haven't updated everyone back home on Sabrina. It's been a crazy ride. She is doing well and now with her host family in Indianapolis where she will stay most likely a month until she goes to her adoptive family. I can't say surgery day was an easy day but I think it went best for Sabrina, as there were no complication! God is good... Stephanie, her host mom is a peds nurse and Sabrina could not be in better hands :) She is doing much better since surgery and although not seizure free they are much more under control and calmer. She is now taking up to an ounce through bottle feeding, a huge improvement from vomiting if we tried before I brought her over. It was hard leaving her but much easier having gotten to stay with her host family for the week or so during/after surgery and knowing how much they love her and are more than equip to take care of her! I am now in Minnesota where I am visiting a dear friend, Jane who was in Haiti for 6 months of my first trip and we are soon leaving to go to Manitoba for another friends wedding! It is all much needed distraction from being away from Haiti and Sabrina and I have been looking forward to it all school year so it is great! Before I left Rebekah took some pics of Sabrina and they are AMAZING :) she's such a stunning baby.
my pic app isn't working but I will post them later, and thanks again for all the continued prayer for Sabrina. She has already done so much in her life touching others and we are praying her brain will just grow and God will perform a miracle in her.

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