Friday, August 7, 2009

"Falling Into Place"

It's interesting how we use the term "falling into place" when things all seem to go right in some area in our lives, but I don't believe things fall into place, rather God puts them into place to help us realize His will for us and assure us that He is in control of our lives when we ask Him to. While visiting with Rebekah right before I left, she was showing me pictures of a place in Haiti which takes in severe cases of anything and everything. The RHFH rescue center in Cazale, Haiti is a medical heaven for the country of Haiti and Rebekah mentioned how much I would enjoy going there. She casually said the couple who ran it had been searching for a teacher for their 3 boys for a while. Rebekah sent off an email asking if they were still in need of a teacher and the next day I flew to Minnesota to visit Jane, an amazing friend who I met in Haiti my first trip. The day after I came to MN, I recieved a phone call from Rebekah saying to check my email, she had forwarded me an email from Licia, the mother of the 3 boys at the rescue center, who was still searching for a teacher and very anxious to find out more about me. Within a couple days of emailing her I was ready to commit, and after talking to the first teacher the boys had, for 6 monthslast year, I knew for sure and sent off an email telling her "yes." Today I recieved a ticket confirmation in my inbox... I am moving to Haiti on September 14th. I am SO excited and can't believe how quick and perfect things happen when God is in charge. Every timeI had pursued some opportunity in Haiti before it really just didnt seem perfect or right, it took me taking the backseat for everything to happen. The place I am going is an established rescue center in Haiti and I can't express how blessed I feel to get to be a part of it... here is a link to the website- check it out!! It's amazing

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