Sunday, August 9, 2009

a life worth living.

If you were to ask a group of people what they want to accomplish before they die, I would bet that a majority of the people would mention something about helping others, or touching just one person.. so many people strive to affect others or help just one person in life. Sabrina passed last night, well exceeding most people's ambitions. She passed peacefully in her host mothers arms and could not have been more loved by us all. In her short life she not only changed my life, but touched everyone who saw her through her journey. A Haitian man who works at GLA came up to me while I was tube-feeding Sabrina and said "I was scared of her the day she came in. Her head made me forget that she was just a baby." He is also the man that would come in sometimes to do something and when he walked in the room he'd say her name and often got distracted by talking to her for a short while before he went off to continue what he actually had come to do. Just by living through an impossible situation for as long as she did, Sabrina opened minds to many and allowed us to love her for what she was most importantly- a child of God. Nothing else matters, whether she had a brain makes no difference to the value of her life in God's eyes and because of that I and many others who were blessed enough to know her during her time on earth got to learn from her. I am still a bit in shock, it wasn't something anyone expected and it isn't an easy thing to be positive about everything when I know how much work people did to get her to the states and how many people were praying for her, but I do know that she could not be in a better place, so there is peace in that. Not only will I miss her and remember her forever, she is the reason I went back to Indiana and found out about a place called Real Hope For Haiti Rescue Center...

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  1. Anna, So sorry to hear this. We are praying for you. You will see her again, be comforted with those words as you grieve but not as others do.
    Love and prayers,
    Joel and Yvonne


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