Friday, January 29, 2010

Meet Darlens:

The thing about Darlens is that he is not like this because of the earthquake. This is much much more. Darlens' problems and the reasons for his malnourishment are not a result of an earthquake- they are a result of many, many more complicated things, all streaming from poverty. Haiti was in crisis mode before the earthquake... it just took the earthquake for the world to respond. Thank you for responding- hopefully the help in Haiti will not be a short term thing. Hopefully it will continue to pour in long after the news no longer covers it; hopefully the prayers, financial support, and donations will continue until there are no starving children...


  1. Anna - I cannot think of anyone better to care for little Darlens than you. I look at my girl (Tamika) and know that she thrived because of your obedience to God's call on your life and your genuine care for her. As I've "lurked" on your blog during this crisis I have thought to myself over and over again...God has placed you and you are walking in courage and obedience to Him AND He is resourcing you with people and the things you need in His miraculous way. Keep on!

  2. Poor Kid, God Bless you and him.
    Where is this center located?
    Your blog is really touching.

    I was in Haiti from January 14th to the 18th.
    And to this day I can say that my soul has stayed in Haiti, with all those who are in need of help and attention. Like whatever my life is about in terms of activities is insignificant, futile compared to giving and nurturing. Like I can not go on, and pretend there aren't people experiencing what I have seen in Haiti during those days.

    I would love to know more about the place where you work.

  3. Anna,

    God has given you such courage and passion. I am amazed at how hard it is for me to look at these pictures, let alone to see them in person. God has blessed you with such a gift that I am learning from. You and the children are in my prayers!



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