Friday, January 29, 2010


HI! Just thought you could all use a new shirt which supports an AWESOME country... its good looking too! Please consider getting one of these, and if you have time to tweet Ellen to wear hers too, she has two in her mailbox! If you have twitter just tweet this message! (Hey @TheEllenShow! Dont you want a HELP HAITI shirt!

PS: This is a legitimate place, their profits go 1/2 to RHFH and 1/2 to two other amazing organizations in Haiti :)

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  1. Anna, I only had the chance to meet you ever so briefly, but was struck by your strength from the moment we met. It is easy to see where you pull your strength from. I so hope to continue to know you. Let me know how I can continue to support you and the children of Haiti. I have certainly fallen in love with them.


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