Thursday, January 28, 2010

Taking the boys to the states

We started out a little bored waiting to get into the airport, so we had ourselves some fun...
but soon enough we got in (soon enough being 2 hours later...)
While we waited for our plane we found some of our friends- faith and hope who are from the RC, going out for adoption :)

and like 5 hours later, we walked onto this plane: HAH!
There was trays of muffins, scones and croissants, as well as ice cold beverages...
but within 10 minutes of getting on our private jet, Henley, Trey and Carmelo were ready for some shut-eye...
and I couldn't resist taking pics of their sweet faces :)
don't worry, they did take advantage of the luxuries provided... mmm, chocolate croissants...
and overall they thought it was a pretty sweet ride.
once we arrived to the private airport, someone passing on a golf cart offered us a ride...

our crew escorted us to the private hotel, where we said our thank-yous and goodbyes and called a cab to get to the hotel where we would meet Uncle Casey...
and the boys got SO excited to get to ride a taxi. Way more excited than they were to get on the private jet... (hey- i guess its all about perspective)
while we waited for our room at the hotel the boys got their long- anticipated meal: cheeseburgers. Hey! I said no onions!!
mmm... french fries! They were so confused at why the ketchup came in little plastic sacs instead of a jar... quote from Henley "That's all thats in that thing? I'm going to need A LOT of those..."
we got "a lot of those" ketchup sacks and dug in...
and soon enough our room was ready... didn't take long to settle in :)

After a bath for the boys and a shower for me, I rented Monsters VS Aliens and went to work trying to get myself a flight back to Haiti...
And finally later Uncle Casey showed up. We ordered pizza, had a good time, went to bed and the next morning Casey took the boys with him to Seattle. I can't even tell you how smooth it all went. The boys were polite, patient (which is huge when you spend more than half the day WAITING!) , helpful and fun, and in the middle of the chaos of the earthquake we managed to have a great day. God definitely pulled this one off because none of us could have :)

and then I got stuck in Miami for a week...


  1. That is an amazing story how smooth it all went and now the boys are with their uncle and safe. Thank you for sharing the little the cab ride was exciting to them and about the ketchup. We take so much for granted. I am sure their Uncle will have stories to tell as they experience more things they have never seen. I would love to hear them all :-)
    Glad you were able to get back to Haiti even though you had to wait a week but God took you back when it was time. To me it seemed God worked it out pretty fast.
    Keep sharing your stories Anna because they are a blessing :-) I know God is watching over you!
    with Love, LaVonna

  2. Oh and when God delivers, He delivers...Wow first class!!!
    :-) LaVonna

  3. What a great story. I love the work you're doing in Haiti. I'm with Food for the Hungry and will be in Port au Prince in June. I would love to learn more about your ministry.
    Coram Deo,
    Dick Mulhern

  4. Keep the posts coming!!! and WOW... that Jet... That was crazy!!!!! I loved that the cheeseburgers were 1/2 the size of the boys!!! Now, waiting for the rest of your week. :-)

  5. So are you back in Haiti now? I'm glad the boys had somewhere safe to go while things settle down. I hope they are prepared for the cold :) -Sherry

  6. Your blog is very touching.


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