Saturday, February 20, 2010


My dad is coming to Haiti in one week... 7 days... counting :)
I'm excited!
He will be here with some other guys who have been to RHFH before helping move all the kids into a house down the street. Praise God! We are busily working to prepare for that as there are 5,393,981,159 things that need to be done for that to happen. Licia and Caroline left the day before yesterday and they are missed... a lot. Licia is with her boys in Seattle and Casey (their Uncle) is at Walmart stocking up on supplies for his trip out here on Monday! Pray this time is relaxing as it's a much needed break for one of the hardest working woman I know.

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  1. The weather in Seattle right now is unusually gorgeous! It's been clear, sunny, and in the upper 50's for the past few days! I'm sure that's helping her have a wonderful break:)


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