Monday, April 12, 2010

Some of our surroundings

Right in front of the RC is where lots of action goes on. There are stands selling all the necessities and people selling fried street food (yum!) or cold drinks. This is also the location where you can catch a tap-tap, either a motorcycle or a truck if you need to get anywhere. There is the trash burning station and an area where you can go watch movies on Friday nights. There are always people outside the gate just hanging out and always some sort of action going on.
Also in front of the gate is the river... this is where all the water is pumped from for the clinic and RC. It's such a blessing to have unlimited water! These pics are taken from in front of the new RC, the old location is just down the street.
During the flood in 2008, the bridge from the river was completely demolished. There has been progress made on building up the sides of the river with huge metal cages filled with rocks. This is the current "bridge" used to cross the river. Many people still just walk through the water to get to the other side.

The cages are good for more than just holding up the river... they provide a nice flat surface to dry the clothes after washing them in the river

There is a new bridge being build so people can drive across instead of through. Right now the river is split in half- these guys are riding on the stretch of land in the middle of it.

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