Monday, April 12, 2010

Step by step

The needs in Haiti are overwhelming and it's hard to focus on where you can help. I say we all take it step by step. Nothing we do will make things get better fast, but if everyone decides to take small actions to give then step by step we will make a difference. Let's start with this...

There are two girls (Fed & Brit) who went out on medical visa in 2008 and their families are in need of new houses due to the earthquake... you can read their stories here:

My challenge to everyone reading is to choose one meal where you would have gone out for dinner and spent five times what the food is worth, and instead invite a friend/couple/family member over and make a meal for them instead. Donate the money you saved to Fed and Brit's new homes- it's a win-win, you get to bless these girls and their families, and you get to bless someone you appreciate by cooking them a meal and enjoying spending time with them! :)

If you are interested in donating toward the costs of these houses being built here is a link to the woman who hosted these girls while they were out on visas. She has been trying to raise the money to make this happen and is just over half way to her goal of $6,000

Thanks for chipping away at the overwhelming needs with me one step at a time.

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