Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Flag Day Ayiti!!

Today is/was flag day in Haiti. It was a perfect day- we made a flag pinata and haiti brownies in school and set up a party at the rescue center. We had diri blan ak sos pwa (white rice and bean sauce- my fav. Haitian meal) for lunch, and I dressed up Darlens and took him on our walk (I often leave him here) and did a mini Haiti photo shoot on a bench in the middle of Haiti's beautiful mountains in honor of flag day... I'm too lazy to put a post together with details and pics from today- that is to come. For now, enjoy these pics of Darlens deciding to mess up the photo shoot by eating the one thing I'd rather him NOT eat :)

God made dirt...

and dirt don't hurt...

but it sure doesn't taste good! (or have any calories... dang it!)

On a side note- Darlens has had 3 good eating days in a row- praise God! Thanks for all you who are praying for him. God is good... always :)

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  1. Wow I miss him! That is too stinkin' cute and I'm VERY thankful to see he has been having some good eating days. He definitely looks even better than before in these pictures. Thanks for the smiles! :)


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