Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WAY late flag day pics

For Flag Day here in Haiti, Carmelo and I made a pinata to take over to the RC and have a party. We made a Haiti flag and it took 3 days of that being our art hour to finish- we will never make a pinata like this again... but it was worth it :) We strung streamers, set up a safe-ish area for the onlookers and hung the pinata...

The kids had a blast hitting it and when everyone had a turn it was time to bring in the RC ladies in to finish the job. I think they might have had more fun than the kids ;)

...and finally the candy!
The boys and I made red and blue frosting to put on the brownies for the party, it was a hit.

and not one kid went to bed without running circles for hours and then passing out in a sugar coma. God is good and life is beautiful. Haiti will always be where my heart is...

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  1. ...thanks for the great pictures and the update...what a lot of fun...and a really good art project! love from Shingletown...


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